CLM Mix 1Kg


The Wholistic Equestrian – Tory Park Herbs CLM Mix is a concentrated blend of calming herbs that may help to

  • improve focus
  • reduce stress
  • calm nerves
  • balance the nervous system
  • relax the horse

The three main active ingredients are:

Chamomile – known for its calming properties.

Passionflower – traditionally known for its relaxing effect.

Vervain – known to relieve anxiety without reducing the horse’s mental faculty.

These are all nervine herbs which are known to have a positive effect on the nervous system.

Horses: 2 scoops daily, approx. 40g, based on scoop supplied
Ponies: 1 scoop daily, approx. 20g, based on scoop supplied

This product will last a horse 25 days based on the above dosage rate

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