Immuno – Support Mix 1Kg


The Wholistic Equestrian – Tory Park Herbs Immuno – Support Mix may be of benefit in supporting your horse’s immune system. Immuno – Support mix is great for

  • season changes, especially when going into winter
  • when there has been exposure to sick horses
  • prevention and fighting against infections
  • it’s immune boosting properties
  • when the immune system has been affected by stress, toxins, allergens, poor diet and age

The three main active ingredients are:

Rosehip – may help to repair and restore the immune system with a boost of vitamin C.

Fenugreek – known to have a positive effect on the entire immune system and digestive system.

Echinacea –  traditionally known for stimulating the immune system and for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Horses: For best results 2 scoops daily, approx. 40g based on scoop provided, for the first two weeks. 1 scoop daily, approx. 20g, based on scoop supplied, thereafter
Ponies: For best results 1 scoop daily, approx. 20g based on scoop provided for the first two weeks. 1/2 scoop daily, approx. 10g, based on scoop supplied, thereafter

This product will last a horse approx. 50 days based on the above dosage rate following initial dosage.

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