Lami Mix 1Kg


The Wholistic Equestrian – Tory Park Herbs Lami – Mix is a great herbal blend that may help

  • support horses who have a current Veterinary diagnosis of laminitis
  • as a preventative measure, especially those with diagnosed Cushing’s Disease (alongside the use of TPH C – Mix)
  • horses who have had previous Laminitis episodes
  • those who are insulin resistant

The three main active ingredients are:

White Willow Bark – may act as a natural pain relief.

Burdock Root – may help with detoxification and addressing inflammation. It is hypoglycaemic and may therefore be beneficial for horses with Laminitis and other metabolic issues.

Rosehips –may help to strengthen the hoof. They are naturally high in Vitamin C, A, D and E and act as a blood flow and tissue damage restorative.

Horses: for best results 2 scoops daily, approx. 60g, based on scoop supplied for the first six weeks.
1 scoop daily, approx. 30g, thereafter
Ponies: for best results 1 scoop daily, approx. 30g, based on scoop supplied, for the first six weeks,
1/2 scoop daily, approx. 15g, based on scoop provided, thereafter
For best results divide into morning and afternoon feeds where possible.

This product will last a horse 34 days based on the above dosage rate once initial six weeks has been completed.

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