Sinus Mix 1Kg


The Wholistic Equestrian – Tory Park Herbs Sinus Mix may be of benefit in supporting horses who suffer with sinus issues, such as

  • hay fever
  • allergies picked up through the respiratory system, in food and through the skin
  • head shaking
  • congestion

It is a blend of herbs that are traditionally known for

  • soothing and clearing the airway
  • calming the nervous system
  • strengthening the immune system
  • breaking down mucus

The three main active ingredients are:

Fenugreek – Known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.

Horseradish – known as a natural antihistamine.

Nettle – helps soothe inflamed passages and sinuses.

Horses: 1 scoop daily, approx. 30g, based on scoop supplied
Ponies: 1/2 scoop daily, approx. 15g, based on scoop supplied
Dosage can be doubled for the first two weeks if required.

This product will last a horse 34 days based on the above dosage rate.

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